Who in the world is Dan Small?
I am a video director and writer. I also produce. I like collaborating. I like ideas and thinking.

I know a lot of directors say they like to tell stories. That's not as important to me. I like a good story, but I'd rather have a good idea, a great thought, a well considered something that will move people.

Because we make images that move -- and I believe we should move the people who are good enough to watch what we make.

I won't say feeling is more important than thinking...but both can develop into believing. That's the truth.

We take your ideas and make them Small.
Producer/Writer: Dan Small
Dan Small
Productions, Inc.

In the coming pages, we will show you some of our work, some of our thoughts, and some of the things that make life fun. 

Thank you for watching. If you would like to speak to me about a project, I do have some time in 12/16, and then in 2017.

Dan Small

Massachusetts Medical Society: Wear the Gear
     Producer: Dan Small
     Director: AJ Dimaculanganll
     Production Company: Double Diamond

This is one of my first commercials. We wrote the script, produced it, shot it, and did all the post production. The music for this spot is custom - which I find to be a powerful part of the piece.
We also did storyboards (not available for this spot), but please see this page for the power of storyboards.

YouTube Video

F.W. Webb: Epic Rain
     Producer/Director: Dan Small
     Creative Agency: The McCoy Group

This is one of my recent spots. This was a complex piece - we had to create rain on 2 sunny days. The planning process was extensive, and the days of the shoots were like choreographing a ballet (I really don't know how to do that). We had to wait for sunset each day and then gauge the best light We did extensive post production work...adding depth and believability to the images in post. The music is custom.

The storyboards we did for this piece will soon be available, see this page for the power of storyboards.